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Our Services

Dr. Foley, Dr. Loehr, Dr. Howell and their dental family provide many dental services, from simple restorations to dental implants.

Digital Radiography:

Reduced radiation exposures, ease of viewing, and instant transfer to specialists. Sometimes "virtual consultations" can be performed in with specialists electronically when emergencies occur in order to save time.

Whitening is a one hour teeth whitening treatment that is fast, simple and remarkably effective. Clinical tests have shown that Zoom2 is one the safest ways to whiten your teeth. It's completely harmless to enamel composites and all dental work. Zoom2 is a state of the art treatment. In fact, its advanced technology gives you results that can last for years.
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Preventive Dentistry is our goal for every patient. It involves daily care, good nutrition, periodic examinations and cleanings that maintain good dental health. As part of every checkup visit, we include periodontal screening and exam, oral cancer screening with specialized instruction and treatment recommendations for problem areas.

Restorative Dentistry is basic repair of the mouth. We replace broken or leaking fillings, design crowns and bridges, fit partial and complete dentures, and realign your bite. These repairs can be done with aesthetic (white) materials. In more complex cases, we work with local surgeons to use dental implants to restore your mouth to full function.

Cosmetic Dentistry makes a beautiful smile possible for everyone. We believe that all dentistry is cosmetic dentistry. Every procedure is done with your best appearance in mind. Technological advances, which improve dental materials, now allow dentists to help patients achieve their desires when considering cosmetic treatment for chipped, broken or discolored teeth. We have provided hundreds of patients with effective whitening products they can use at home to brighten their smiles. We also provide all ceramic (no metal) crowns (caps) to renew worn and discolored front and back teeth. We can truly create the smile you once had or have always wanted.

Endodontics (root canal therapy) is the treatment of teeth with diseased pulp tissue. The inside of a tooth, called the dental pulp, is often referred to as the nerve. When the pulp is injured or diseased, root canal therapy is necessary to provide pain relief, and to allow the tooth to be saved. Most root canals including molars are performed by Dr. Foley.

Oral Surgery: Most removal of teeth is done by Dr. Foley and Dr. Howell in the office. More extensive or medically complicated surgeries may be referred to an Oral Surgeon. Most often patients are referred for removal of impacted teeth, biopsies, implant placements, or when patients prefer general anesthetic for oral surgery procedures.

Orthodontics Dr. Foley, Dr. Loehr and Dr. Howell have the strongest confidence in the skill and quality of care of our local orthodontists. Therefore, other than making replacement clear retainers, we refer all patients to Orthodontists.

Pediatric Dentistry: The American Dental Association recommends that children be seen by a dentist at about age one. This allows us to check the child for proper development and to screen for "Baby Bottle Mouth." Most children are ready to begin a more thorough check up at about age 2 1/2. We offer a 'Happy Visit' for our young patients. This fun visit allows both parents and child to become accustomed and comfortable with us and our office procedures. Children with extensive problems are occasionally referred to a pedodontist (specialist in children's dentistry).

Periodontics is the treatment of gum and oral bone diseases. We are able to treat many gum disease areas non-surgically with spcialized cleaning and placement of medication. But if the disease is severe, we will involve the services of a Periodontist. A Periodontist has two to three years of postdoctoral education in Periodontics. Gingivitis (gum disease) and periodontal disease (involving bone and supporting structures of the teeth) are most common in adults and are responsible for the majority of tooth loss. Pain is not a typical symptom of gum disease so adults often neglect the problem far too long. Most periodontal diseases are preventable with professional treatment combined with personal oral hygiene.

Implants may be used to replace one tooth or several teeth. An implant, which is like an artificial root, is surgically placed in the bone to replace a missing tooth. Usually, a Periodontist or an Oral Surgeon will perform this surgery. The doctors will fit the replacement that fit over the implants. An implant procedure takes several months from surgical placement to final restoration.


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